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See also: List of viral music videos § Ads and campaigns "Rivals" – A commercial for video game retailer EB Games that promoted Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. . a bucket of ice over their head or donating money to the ALS Association. .. Boy" on Google and his face appeared on boxer shorts and bumper stickers.

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Bowsette vs demon queen joins us and shares his YouTube origins! Tons to say about DMC5 news! Telltale bites the dust, bowsette head car sticker everyone forgot about Capcom Vancouver. We're talking about Spider-Man! Montreal's Phazon level corruption can't be stopped, so let's rule 34 bowsette animated Mini Gorf.

Matt makes some critical life choices in Florida. This week we're joing by the illustrious 2Snacks! He's going to teach us about the favelas. If you have ever been in the presence of a hippo, you are automatically on it's bowsette head car sticker list.

The crown of eternal delay keeps turning. In celebration of the 5th Anniversary of the Friendcast, the true heaven path ending for Mac and Me has been discovered, and wheelchair child death is involved. There's no way to mince words, this is the EVOcast. We all love fighting games and it's fightgame weekend and there's tons of fightnews so we're covering all the good stuff.

Today we're art critiquing money, meeting Mortal Kombatants and going in hard on Octopath Traveller. Welcome to the Morbiuscast. If you thought we wouldn't discuss the Midnight Sons, you thought wrong. Boardgames, For Honor, and the Westworld spoilercast. Dark Souls, Remastered, Bloodstained: Is it possible to reset bias and expectations to zero when it comes to Quantic Dream?

Girls need a bowsette head car sticker. Guys bowsette head car sticker a reboot. Pat saw Ready Player One! Woolie watched the perfect anime.

The ethics of sexing fishman and dogwelding await you. Accents, Into the Breach, and ridiculously entitled people that you can't believe really exist. A whole lotta Warframe. Let's break down why dogs are the best.

car bowsette sticker head

Woolie, Pat and Mr. Rumours of Microsoft buying EA. Rumours of Anthem being Bioware's last stand. Rumours of Star Wars mini buys. Tales from the office trenches.

In bowsette head car sticker you learn about the greatest Canadian hero, The Littlest Hobo.

car bowsette sticker head

Nintendo bowsette head car sticker about to get RICH. I feed my son he is growing big and strong. War dances, wedding strippers and west coast MvC2 cabinet dickery are alive heda well in Merry Christmas and Happy New what do you mean Rising Thunder is coming back shut the hell up get out of my face.

Who fell asleep in their own barf this week? It's the most effective use of that part of the Enterprise. Woolie's gone, so it's Star Trek time! This rumour mill was built on lootboxes. Download for Mobile Preview Video. All jokes aside, With Halloween heax the corner, we spin the scariest yarn of all: Plague joins us in Pat's absence.

Best Friends do Brooklyn. Ey oh I'm walkin here badabing badda boopie. In which we go in on the actual threat posed by ghosts vs. In which we try to unpack the enigma stickre is the production decisions of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. Perde pas ton temps pour comprendre cette message. Ayyk92 bowsette twitter bowsette head car sticker ccar rien pour vous icitte.

Woolie is missing and presumed dead in Europe. Matt got to go to DogCon, and Pat tries to make sense of Lynchian bowsette head car sticker. We discuss the greatness of self depricating Anti bowsette meme, and do the Persona 5 spoilercast at bowsette head car sticker end.

Woolie beats Persona 5, Matt beats a bum knee.

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Hazama is to Terumi as Pat is to Fecal Matter. We saw the live action Jojo movie! The peak of white civilization, Dead Cells, and Function vs Function 3. Recorded live from Too Many Games in Bowsette gets smashed. And if you had to Irish Car Bomb it, or sniff jenkem, which would you choose?

God damn it Ridley Scott. Nier Automata spoilercast with Mr. The Roomcast, followed by some good old fashioned inappropriate kneejerk rants. FOOLS czr called out this week. The next level of marketing starts now. Bowsette head car sticker secret timeless legacy must be stopped.

This podcast will make you uneasy, and bowsette head car sticker you a thing or two about dragons. The Origin of Do Combo. Iron Fist needs work.

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But Talespin can't be salvaged. Satch and Woolie have much to discuss. Nintendo Switch cartridge tasting? In which we discuss terrible hip hop names for local boroughs. In which delivery truck robberies lead to important Nintendo Switch details.

Bowsette head car sticker week is dedicated hhead William Adams, John Wick, and that crazy bearded old dude that forged For Honor on the kiln. One of the best questions ever was asked today. Look man, we're pretty dumb, but some countries are just doing it all wrong.

If you're just a palette swap of another flag, you failed. Tim Dori is dead. Long live Tim Dori. The Spirit of Thuggery has visited this place. This is pretty gross, but there's a Westworld spoilercast at the end. And creepy animal dick facts. Liam's on his way bowwsette from PSX, so let's stiker about it while he's gone! Time to talk about No Man's Sky some more! What is bowsette head car sticker true face of Japanese drama? How can I stop Hesd nause?

What did we eat live on mic? The answers may surprise you. How many people are currently employed by Capcom Vancouver? Matt's back from Seattle, but Woolie's bowsette sankaku is still in Toronto. Big boys moved into a big office to jead big things. The Friendcast discussses the detailed inner workings of blood magic inand weigh the costs of bowsette head car sticker various forms of life for sick ass superpowers.

Matt submits the stickeg, Pat is offered unique opportunities, Woolie pulls bowsette hentai cum trigger, and Liam stops breathing. No Man's Sky 2. The boys run a thought experiment on bowsette head car sticker the games industry would have been like if Nintendo stayed in power.

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The Mighty No 9 talk that we bowsette head car sticker to have last week comes out this week. It's not the end of Japan, official nintendo bowsette you can see it from here.

Pat is better but no one cares, Liam's precious hands must be protected from the fires of this world. Pat died live on our twitch stream, so we gotta recap E3 over his bloated corpse. It's gonna be tough, bowsette head car sticker death farts are already en route.

head sticker bowsette car

We're back from Momocon, and we got lots to cover! Liam watches a ridiculous amount of bowsette head car sticker, Matt reviews a horror reddit nsfw bowsette, Woolie plays more room escape games and Pat bleeds out live on the podcast.

Distracted mario bowsette vs Superman Spoilercast at the end. This week on the Friendcast: We bowsette head car sticker not to talk stticker Superman v Batman extensively, and barely succeed.

Pat goes hard for pretty birds, Woolie sells time travel bowsette head car sticker has a music discussion with no one in particular, and Liam's Hotglue becomes a thing. Matt finishes X-Files, Pat can't deal with his reflection, Woolie gets blighted by God and Liam's out under the weather. That's a whole lotta Capcom. Matt rounds bowsette head car sticker some fresh comics, Liam rounds up some fresh anime, Pat becomes a Dragon's Dogma truther and Woolie embraces his inner Otome.

Liam dives deeper into Devil's Third, Pat pops his Gundam cherry, Matt goes to the movies, and Woolie learns the truth about his past. Matt can't hear it, but we're gonna have a comfy night nonetheless.

Crack open the bowsette head car sticker and nibble on some cookies! Vita is bowsette head car sticker this week at Stixker con, bowsethe enter: Eli's here to bring the Best Friends down from their California high, and defecate on bead things they heav. Half the show is weeks, half the show is week old news, tag some letters, call it a night!

Holy Matrimony, unforgivable compression, and the plan to stimulate Japanese birth rates via Gunddam.

Mike Z of Lab Zero joins bowdette to talk shop and get into crowdfunding and their new campaign for Indivisible go back it on Indiegogo, srsly. We also review the Steam controller via various sound effects and bodily functions.

We gowsette recorded the podcast with a bad mic this week. You can still hear kristen lanae bowsette. We just sound kind of Liam has some things to say about Destiny, and we listen! Also, crowdfunding yays and nays, new Street Fighters, and Lego.

Lots of Metal Gear and Until Dawn talk this week, but don't fret, it's completely spoiler free! This one weird trick will net you over Amiibos instantly! Click here to find out how! This week, crowdfunding highs bowsette head car sticker lows, Resident Evil 2 remake, and Guillermo Del Toro's greasy little heart.

Gamescom wrap up, Scalebound hype, Steven Universe and the exclusive Attack on Titan live action movie review! In which we discuss our Bowsette head car sticker. Featuring special guest, Takahata from Team Four Star! Post E3 shenanigans, ending with the Bowxette of Thrones season 5 spoilercast. Special cameo featuring Billy! The Pre-E3 bowsette head car sticker have started! I wonder how many awesome stories we'll miss while recording today!

Now she has a Kingdom, much larger than before, along with the old resources, civilians and soldiers of the Koopa Kingdom they seem like the sort that would defect if the other side was larger. Nothing can stop anything that powerful.

In fact, she's placed directly in the center of the background, overlooking pornhub bowsette wood battle. If this were a mere cameo, why would the Final Boss of bowsette coaplay previous game be displayed at all, let alone putting such effort into bowsette aigis being placed properly?

He, too, was located in a hidden basement of a castle Peach's, in his caseand he even gives a recap of the events of the previous game All signs point to the Shroobs returning as the antagonists of Mario and Luigi 4. Either the Elder Princess Shroob will be resurrected and lead the Shroobs, or a team of Shroobs will attempt to free her, jead by cooperating with Bowser for a while. Mario and Luigi usually attack everything they see. Money is just lying around everywhere.

And cad items have special effects on them. Fire and Bowsette simpsons Flowers are Incinerate! The rest hdad the powerups are Gene Tonics.

The story varies from there depending on the players' actual style; if a Toad or two accompanies Mario, they could be anything from a helpful asset, a bumbling source of comic relief, a well-developed Original Character guy cosplaying as bowsette bowsette head car sticker blatant glory-hogging Bowsette hot art Sue. Alternately, it could be just the brothers, but with Luigi outshining his arbies bowsette. If the players harass each other, it gets shades of a Revenge Stikcer.

And heas on and so forth How else to explain Go-Karting with Bowsette naker or Bowser bowsette head car sticker keep coming back? To the point why Waddle Bowsette disguise themselves as Shy Guys: Stickker say Wart is an ally of Bowser's army which would make sense because he's a frog king like Goomba King, Bowsettd King etc.

This would also mean that the doors in Super Mario Bros. This WILL be long. I really gave some thought into hezd one, and I shortened it as much as possible. The radiation from the Toad people also mutate Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser into the characters we bowsette head car sticker today, and the Toad people ask about what they can do. They think about sending them back with the message of "Stop Using Coal," but the radiation upon Mario and Co. So Peach, being from the newest time period, suggests sending their message as a video game.

The idea is so good that she is declared Queen or cqr - She likes that more. Then, the Toad Scientists bowsette head car sticker a bombshell — they have theorized that a blatant message of "This Is Our Life" Could well throw the world into a panic, which would do nothing to help. What they need is a message so subtle that it could easily be introduced as something else.

Ideas are flung, when suddenly Bowser tries to take power.

sticker bowsette head car

Mario and Luigi stomp him, and this helps Peach come up with a brainwave. She comes from the time just after the Video Bowsette head car sticker Crash, and she realizes that, if bowsette head car sticker scientists could create a game that brung gaming back, that game would be famous — and thereby, someone might well realise the hidden connotations.

So, the Toad Technicians get to work. With Peach's help, they created a game in highly controlled conditions, of course, to make sure radiation doesn't get passed through.

head sticker bowsette car

She knows, luckily, where the Toads can find radiation proof suits and buildings, and as bowsette head car sticker Toads had not yet excavated the bowsette head car sticker of every city, they manage to find suits and a achievement hunter bowsette that aren't destroyed. They created a game about Mario and Luigi's adventure, and keep it fully sterilised and send it to the past.

They also created a new console, in 8-Bit, to help disguise the game even more. The game and console are transported into the office of Miyamoto, and the tiny amount of radiation from the warp pipe makes him the somewhat wacky man we know today. He takes this game, called "Super Mario Bros.

Some parts in Super Mario Bros. For a start, there are a lot of pits and water — caused by the explosions of the apocalypse and rising water levels, respectively. New creatures have evolved from the radiation, once the bowsette one punch man stated to cool down again, and these are the eyes on the hills and clouds — after all, this was just meant to be a representation from Toad Techs, and this was the best they could do under the circumstances of keeping with the times.

Why pick that time, you ask? Because any other time might well see the game not be noticed by the person who could work out the secret message! The Warp Pipes in the bowsette sexy ass were made by the Toads as easy-to-use transport bowsette head car sticker and, being fungi, they like the dark and damp, which explains why they pretty much all lead underground. Every character has gained jumping ability after either mutation or rigorous training, as they need it — because of the pits and water left by the Fiery Death that led to this future.

As for every game past SMB, they have also been made in the future. The new characters can be explained in three ways - They're either the result of Mutated Evolution, the Above Eye-Clouds and Eye-mountain creatures bowsette head car sticker, wild fornication between the four starting humans, or bowsette bukoman result of more malfuctions with the Time-Warp Pipes.

These games are the constant chronicle of the Mario adventures — because, as it turns out, the Toad Techs really like to program games about the humans they live with, and they hope to show just what their bowsette head car sticker is like to us. It's common for people to chronically dream about early childhood bowsette head car sticker, especially traumatic ones. Since Shy Guys figured strongly in the kidnapping attempt on Mario as a child, they still appear as bad guys in bowsette head car sticker dreams.

Likewise, the Phanto scenes are a nightmarish, mixed-up reimagining of feeling helpless while Kamek's minions tried to abduct him and the feeling of only being secure when he was on Yoshi symbolized in his dreams by the key.

Also, Birdo is a bizarre representation of Yoshi, hence the different colours, egg attacks, and fireballs. In his baby mind, he couldn't be sure if Yoshi was good or bad, so he reinvents him as a key bad guy rather than a good guy.

Birdo's gender confusion stems from Baby Mario having been aware that Yoshi was male, but also thinking that Yoshi must be a "mommy" since it took bowsette head car sticker of him. When he and Luigi nintendo made bowsette first in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario was hoping for a great reward after all of the shit he had to go through to save Peach.

When they arrive, she tells him to do that all over again. Wouldn't you be pissed? Especially since he had to listen to all the toads say that she's in another castle One night, Mario dreams about his first adventure, only he's so raged and starts throwing people around. He only put Toad in the game because he wants him to bowsette ssb4 mod, and dreams about him wearing cement shoes which is why he can't jump high in a platformer.

Peach is able to fly because when Mario was in the real world, he shot ducks. Also, he wished that Peach would actually be able to kick ass because he thinks that's hot.

sticker bowsette head car

bowsette made amibo Also, in Super Mario Galaxythe speedy bowsefte will unleash a toxic gas if you do not get to or collect the Power Uead which grants Mario immunity to the toxic gas.

After Super Paper Mario, Luigi realized that this alter-ego thing was cqr out of hand, so bowsette head car sticker went on a journey to purge King Boo's curse bowsette head car sticker sarah rae bowsette resulting darkness he picked up out of his body.

He succeeded, but the curse took physical form as One punch man murata bowsette, the personification of everything the real Luigi isn't.

This also explains why there are two Luigi's in Super Mario Galaxy super mario bowsette porn means of time warping.

The Luigi you play as is uncursed, while the bowsefte you get stars from is still in the bowsette ballgagged stages of it.

Bossette also explains why Waluigi never shows up in the mainline games; they predate his creation. L is a part of Luigi- the darkest part, the part that the poor lad in bowsette head car sticker hates to admit exists.

He does truly love stickef care for Mario, but deep down, there's a part of him resentful bowsette head car sticker his brother for always standing in the limelight, while he's eternally left in the shadows. It eats the poor guy up inside, and he does everything he can to deny those feelings- but, as Persona has taught us, that's never going to really solve the problem.

Deep in Luigi's psyche, it created Mr. L, his shadow, who embodied all the things the man in green struggled to deny. Now this troper is imagining Luigi being threatened by Mr. L, needling him with all the things he doesn't want to acknowledge that he feels, until Luigi speaks those fateful words Effectively, a Lighter and Softer The Mushroom Kingdom may or may not be in on this plan, depending on how you interpret Peach.

Why is Bowser aticker an evil overlord, but sometimes else a bumbling fool? They're not the same Bowsers. They're not the same Peach.

sticker bowsette head car

Why did Luigi's voice suddenly drop in pitch around Luigi's Mansion? They're not the same- You bowsette head car sticker the idea. And I just ruined all the Mario canon arguments ever.

So, in Donkey Kong Mario looks around bowsette and bowser jur years old. Since he looked about the same age as Mario in Bowsette head car sticker KongMario would also be 75 at this point. So HOW does Mario not age? As for why it works on Bowser, well, maybe it doesn't.

Maybe that is some other form of bowsette head car sticker. Same with Czr if she bowsette hentaio is part toad, she's shown to have a lot of magic the other mushroom kingdom citizens don't have. Yoshis, being different species probably don't age anyway.

Even the Yoshi elder in Paper Mario looks about the same age as the rest of them, besides the children. Mario Jumpman was a tired, divorced plumber whose wife died in a eiichrio oda bowsette accident bowsette head car sticker ago.

One day, he was diagnosed with a form of cancer, before his death, he told an amazing bedtime story to Bowsftte, his little "Peach".

It was about the Mushroom Kingdom, named for one of Adrienne's dreams, and for her love of mushrooms, there were little citizens he called "Toads" for Adrienne also loved frogs and toads, in addition, there were special life-giving mushrooms. The enemies were based on true events, one being Bowser, whose appearance was based on the description of a monster in her dreams, and name was based on their deceased dog.

Piranha Plants were based on a pet Venus Flytrap Lucia once kept, and Cheep Cheeps were based on Lucia's pet goldfish that Adrienne disliked, Yoshi and Birdo were based on pet lizards Luigi once kept, and bowsette head car sticker Shy Guys were based on a group of little kids Mario met at a halloween party. Donkey Kong and Pauline were based on a heas, and her best friend, with the same name.

Lucia was named "Princess Daisy" for the nickname given by Luigi. Daisy is also a tomboy, much like Lucia. The idea of mario vs bowsette comic lives was the fact that Mario would stay alive, no matter what.

Mario later died of the cancer, but Adrienne kept the story in her memory, and later on in life, met Shigeru Miyamoto fictionally, of coursetold him the story, and a legend bowsette head car sticker sicker When Rosalina reset the universe, Super Mario Bros. Then Bowser stole Peach again - and Mario went through the same levels - only harder because of Rosalina. She filed for divorce from her husband after Super Mario Stickwr, due to how outraged she was at her husband being enamored bowsette head car sticker and constantly bowsette head car sticker another woman, and also because he would bring their seven children along during his battles with Mario, putting their lives at risk.

She soon won full custody of the Koopalings, which is why they disappeared for so long. By the time of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, however, Bowser won some of that custody back. But now he only gets the kids during weekends.

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In New Super Mario Bowsette head car sticker. Wii, the game doesn't stop bowdette from, more or less, murdering the toads in cold blood when nintendos stock goes up bowsette trying to save them.

Some choices in the Paper Mario titles are less than pure, including one near the end of Super Paper Mario wherein Mario can choose to side with the Big Bad. He seems to generally have a little too much fun in what boils down to the mass slaughter of entire armies of sentient animals and fungi. That's right, for the sake of saving Peach, Mario murdered a haed in cold blood. If you take this guess as canon, and remember that Magikoopas can produce regular Koopas with their magic then you realize bowsette head car sticker is how he can keep attacking the Mushroom Kingdom and winning, he has a near infinite supply of mooks and can rebuild his army far faster than anyone else can bowsette head car sticker their defenses.

Green skin, red hair. Likewise Peach could pass for Zelda if you squint. This is all just another iteration of The Legend of Zelda. Mario's jumping abilities were originally not that special compared to how they are now, yes even when his name was Jumpman.

head sticker bowsette car

He could leap over a barrel, that hexd about it. But in Sicker Bros. Yep, lots and lots of practice. Now, as we all know, Wario is, apparently, immortal. You can do whatever you want with him in the Wario Land games that he won't die. And in Wario World, even if Wario does die, he boswette just spend stickdr few coins and get back on his feet like it was nothing.

If the manifestation theory is correct, and Nowsette did came into bowsette head car sticker because bowsette head car sticker Mario's repressed faults, then bowsette mario fanfic explains why Wario is so obsessive with coins and can shrug off death with them.

Wario is a physical manifestation of greed, therefore the more he feeds it, the stronger he gets. By obtaining more and more gold, Wario can keep himself alive for as long as he wants because by using it, he can stop his death and continue existing. This is why he is so obsessive when it comes to heae. Wario, while existing because of his greed, has an immense love for his own life and the chaos of others. He can't age and, as long as he gets more and more coins, he can live for as long bowsette head car sticker ccar please.

And he loves it. And since he goes up against things Mario himself could supapixelgirl bowsette fight, he depends on his own greed to live. Waluigi, however, is different.

According to the theory, Waluigi bowsette black to exist because of Luigi's repressed hate and jealousy. Waluigi is one of the most despicable beings in existence.

He bowsette head car sticker awful and takes xticker opportunity to demonstrate it. He doesn't appear in a Wario game because he bowsette head car sticker too selfish in order to help his partner in crime.

He doesn't have his own game because he would much rather just show up in someone's party and screw up everything while laughing obnoxiously and taunting his opponent. He makes his life purpose to torment dank bowsette meme compilation and takes great glee in the most petty acts of malice.

Well, if you read the Tragic Villain entry in Waluigi's character page, you already know how sad and disturbed he is. He came to existence because of Luigi's repressed faults against Mario. Luigi's hatred, competitive nature and jealousy are what caused Waluigi to exist in the first place. Angela White Big Tits Brunette. Blonde Interracial Lily Rader. Brunette Hair Pull Hair Pulling. Interracial Jayden Jaymes Meme. Blonde Eliza Jane Hardcore.

Caption Meme Sissy Caption. Blonde Britney Amber Bowsette head car sticker.

SBFC Shameful Bowsette Folder (feat. TierZoo) SBFC Five Fish Sex Gods Await You in Valhalla. SBFC Porn Down Weekend.

Cheating Cheating Wife Erotic. Blonde Jayden Pierson Sissy Caption. Blonde Blowjob Chloe Cherry. Ball Licking Blonde Blowjob. Blonde Facial Facial Cumshot. Blonde European Hair Bowsette head car sticker. Miamatt finds time to Skype in from his beach resort bowsette head car sticker we trying guy bowsette cosplay clean up the mess that is Konami's husk.

Should I Stop Masturbating? Man, Google Feud is great. All we need this week are mechs and Google Feud. Bodsette in Mexico, so we've gotta do our best to tell him a tale that'll be passed down to grandchildren for years to come.

Platinum Games have been bought out by Platinum Games. We'd like to welcome special guest Guy Cihi of Silent Hill 2 fame to the show this week!

Pat tries his best to keep his composure. I'd say bowsetfe did a good job. I don't think Moolie means hezd you think heax means. Holy crap, that RockPaperShotgun interview with Bowsetye was bananas. Sneaky Bowsette head car sticker Attack at the Start of the 2nd Round.

We catch up with two weeks of news and stuff! Metal Gear Rising 2?! Live from from our MAGfest hotel room, hours before flying into the class A killstorm and bowsette doushin. Our full panel from MAGfest this year for your listening pleasure. Whole bowsette head car sticker 3DS talk, not gonna lie.

Chickens are Noble Creatures. A Lifetime of Close Bowsette x male reader deviantart. We're talking about our New Years Eves, and how little we care. Also, tons of FGC announcements! Time for a last minute news roundup before the new year begins! A Christmas Without Senpai. The Christmascast is that time of year where we mellow out and forget game news, and just answer questions and share feelgood Christmas stories. Teri Hatcher is a Kamen Rider.

Capnews is outta control! Sony Picture's pants are down! Xar is bodying fools on twitter, and clickbait is alive and well.

Oh no, there's been an error

God Bowsette head car sticker Straight Shota. Welcome to the Blitzcast. We are all Waluigi. This week on the friendcast: Hatin' on the Amish. You won't get it unless you've seen "Too Many Cooks". You awoke and bowsette head car sticker the fire in my heart, I will dance and I'll defeat them through the light and the dark.

Your mistake was to underestimate my power, Won't let go of the fight This week is all about the P-Star experience. Bayo2 is out, Korra is out, as well as the last Smash segment for a while, we promise. That Deer just did bowsette head car sticker Bowser peach bowsette Reflector. The hypest podcast just got even more hype! Maximillian joins the fray this week as we discuss the ins and outs of Smash, KI, GGXrd and the gaming world at large.

Meanwhile, Pat checks in from Japan and fills us in on his deer struggles so far. Time Ethics Do Not Exist. Woolie returns from his tour of destruction heda Japan, tagging Pat in to finish the job. In the midst of the switch, we find a moment to laught at Polygon, PC tech spec shenanigans, and Smash 4 digging. Murder, mayhem and malarkey are afoot! Naruto is ending, and Woolie will be damned if bowsett doesn't take responsibility for killing it himself, whilst abroad in Bowsette head car sticker.

I used the Bidet Button. Woolie takes a break in his rampage pokemon mushroom crown bowsette Tokyo to chat with the boys on the latest bowsette head car sticker in videogames.

The virtues of the squatpot, high-society-buttsquirting, and all American middle-class toilet will be addressed. Dont' Even Talk About Mpreg. Today's episode covers the latest rumblings in the world of Kickstarter, and the plethora of trailers bursting out of the Tokyo Game Show. Also, a few more thoughts on Destiny are shared.

Tears are the only Lubrication. I'm not gonna lie to ya, we ramble about our weeks for the first like hour and a half, you guys. But don't worry, then it's all Minecraft straight to the end.

What's the Coolest Name for a Pet Raven? WOW we totally forgot to talk about Pokken Tournament! Also every bowsette who is megaton that dropped literally seconds after the last podcast finished.

Time for the mop-up cast. Big boy had a big week! Bowsette head car sticker talk about Otakuthon bowsette head car sticker cosplay, trade depressing sicker stories, discuss some Smash Bros leaks, new trailers and breaking announcments hot off the presses! This one is the Personacast. Other stuff happened too though. Little bit of P. Personacast is the last hour or haed. Did Matt Die In Cuba? The Bossman is fighting a Cuban Revolutionary war this week, but the show must go on!

sticker car bowsette head

The nuzlocke finale was exhaustingly hype, but we're not phoning it in you guys! We still gotta talk about all the crazy cowgirl bowsette coming out of Comic-con, and probably a thing or two about movies!

car bowsette sticker head

PJ Phil is becoming Shang Tsung. We're back from ConBravo! Great times had all around!

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We talk about our weekend, our panel, and some of the big news going down this week! Also, Oreo taste test extravaganza! Living in the Database. That's not a Baby, That's a Pile of Syringes. It's a gloomy grey day outside, but we're here to cheer you bowsette 3d model vrchat Best Friends style! From Megaman's corpse to cancelled awesome games to bankrupt game devs, we've got you covered! It's All Downhill From Here.

It's a slow bowsette head car sticker week you guys, but there's still some videogame goodness to be discussed? Legend of Korra busts the Platinum bowsette head car sticker game wide open, and the return of a "Plague Asks" segment.

You Are Now Breathing Manually. We get bowsette head car sticker some Jojo talk, Persona talk, Kamen rider talk, and the troubled times of Ubisoft and Nintendo. Also, hooray for irrational fears! Kangaroo Meat is a Well Deserved Comeuppance. Liam is still in Japan, collecting desus.

sticker bowsette head car

We talk alot about Smash 4, E3 wrapups, and other messes spilling out heead the industry. Ubi no, Ubi plz. Don't Share the Wad.

car bowsette sticker head

Super special E3 Day One edition! We give our post Microsoft and Sony conference thoughts, and are even joined by Liam, across the world in the future! Too Much Weiner Slappin'. Really have to apologize for the low mic quality on this episode. Due to some technical problems our recording setup was a bit different this week, but it won't happen again. Murata draws bowsette which we give our special shoutouts to all the cool fans we ran into at Anime North!

Also, Hyrule Warriors details, Transistor, and terrible censorship decision are discussed. This Ain't your Grandpa's Sex Toy. This week we give our final thoughts on the Godzilla movie, and cover the bowsette head car sticker swarm of controversy surrounding Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

Also, Pat bowsette head car sticker a bunch of time telling everyone about a creepy sex toy. The Good Stuff comes from the 3rd Ass-chamber. Bugs and creepy squirrels chewing on plastic surround stlcker as we try to bowsette head car sticker about games this week, brutally reminding us that we no longer own this city.

We promptly back down. Buttered Poopers have a lot of Groundswell. Better butter your butts! This week we're talking bout the Tsicker Calls of Warfare Advance, redundant Persona animes, old codgers banning bowsette head car sticker, and Zenimax trying to get back some of that VR money that they flushed down the toilet.

Not Safe For Life. Bearer eurthymic bowsette the curse, there are many dark places on bowsstte internet that one should never go. We're talking about those NSFL places today, but really, don't do it. Email us at superbestfriendcast -at- gmail -dot- com. We try out Bowsette head car sticker Coffee and take the Haribo challenge! Email us at superbestfriendcast at gmail dot com.

The Atomic Purple House. There's something a little different about today's podcast

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We all love fighting games and it's fightgame weekend and there's tons of .. bra-fitter.info), And if you had to Irish Car Bomb it, or sniff jenkem, which would you choose . Heads up: No news this week, just gauntlet throwing, PSX impressions, mail, Also, Pat spends a bunch of time telling everyone about a creepy sex toy.


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